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The 2018-19 IvyZen Admissions Essay Organizer
is ready to help you get personal.

With college admissions being more competitive than ever before, it’s critically important to have an application theme that demonstrates a student’s interests and essays that reveal a student’s character in the strongest way possible.

The Admissions Essay Organizer is a start to finish guide to help students write all their college application essays. Through this guide, the student will learn how to weave their interests into a unifying theme for their essays, plan out the student’s workload based on college list, brainstorm personal and compelling main essay topics, organize their story into an interesting narrative structure, and tackle all the supplemental essays that top colleges require.

In your organizer, you will receive:

  • The Complete Application Checklist
  • Module 1: How to Create a Unique and Compelling Theme
  • Module 2: The Total Essay List with Essay Mapping Worksheets
  • Module 3: How to Write Ivy League Essays
  • Module 4: Essay Archetypes
  • Module 5: The Essay Preparation Questionnaire
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The Complete Application Checklist

  • Complete checklist for the college application process, including recommendation letters, the Common App process, scheduling essay drafts, deadlines, and more.
  • Detailed month-to-month schedules of to-do items
  • Designed to spread out tasks and keep the application process as zen as possible.
  • You’re not done! Suggestions for things to prepare in Jan/Feb in case you get put on the waitlist

Module 1: How to Create a Unique and Compelling Theme

  • An extensive tutorial on how to craft an IvyZen Application Theme
  • In-depth explanations as to the importance of an Application Theme
  • Suggested themes for all different fields, including art, entrepreneurship, math, science, creative writing, history, comp sci, and more.
  • Success stories of students with compelling themes.
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Module 2: The Total Essay List with Essay Mapping Worksheets

  • Essay mapping worksheets to brainstorm answers to supplemental essays
  • Includes all the supplemental essay prompts for the US. News and World Report Top 20 US Universities (and more)
  • Useful to determine the educational culture at each school and to decide on where to apply.

Module 3: How to Write Ivy League Essays

  • A 20-page tutorial on general writing tips for college essays
  • Includes Do’s and Don’ts for writing style, tone, and how to edit and finalize your essays
  • Example essays from actual IvyZen students that worked to get them into top universities.
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Module 4: Essay Archetypes

  • Lessons on different kinds of essay structure and personal narrative story archetypes
  • Teaches unique and interesting organization structures to help essays stand out
  • Includes numerous examples essays for each type of essay archetype

Module 5: The Essay Preparation Questionnaire

  • Comprehensive questionnaire to help students prepare for the most common supplemental essay types.
  • Includes step-by-step questions to aid students in researching colleges and majors, thinking about their role in their current and future communities, deciding on their most significant extracurricular activity, and discovering how they contribute to the diversity of a university
  • Ideal for students who aren’t sure yet where they want to apply to university.
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