Sharpening your competitive edge

With more and more students applying to Ivy League colleges and other top universities each year, it has become increasingly important to find ways for students to stand out in the crowds. These days, high grades, high tests scores, and compelling essays are the norm. So how does a student go about blazing his or her own trail to the top?


At IvyZen, we are all about helping students tap into their inner ambitions to build a unique and interesting theme on which to build their applications. Extracurricular activities and class selections are then established based on that theme. However, students can personalize their applications even more by choosing a theme that will lead them to a highly specialized and newly established field.


If you or your student is considering applying to an Ivy League school, then you have certainly read everything about the admissions standards and processes. What we have for you here, though, is a special glimpse into the lesser-known side of these popular institutions: new majors. By building a specific theme and applying to a new major, students have the opportunity to bypass the droves of students applying to the “engineering” or “humanities” departments, and catch the eyes of the specific professors who students hope to study under.


This approach may seem unconventional, but it is proven to be effective. As you browse these lists of new majors, imagine yourself building an application uniquely suited to these fields of study and how this will impress admissions officers. There are new and unique majors added to top college catalogs each year, but here, we have selected a few interesting ones from the following schools: