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Do you need more personalized help with your college applications?

Comprehensive Application Mentorship is your answer. The college application process is among the most important decisions of a lifetime. It’s important to choose a college list that both appeals to a student’s preference but also maximizes his or her potential as a student. What’s more, the college application process is always evolving, and the same strategies that worked mere years ago, could now be obsolete.

IvyZen has more than twenty years of experience working with students to ensure that they wind up at one of their top choice universities. Through years of meticulously honed strategies and processes, IvyZen mentors are uniquely equipped to handle your student’s needs throughout this pivotal decision making process.

With the Comprehensive Application Mentorship, students will:

  • Get 10 hours of customized 1-on-1 mentoring from the same mentor
  • Work with a mentor who will ensure that you don’t miss any important deadlines
  • Receive an abbreviated Customized Application Plan (CAP) to schedule all the work that needs to be done
  • Be guided through the essay and application process up until they receive their acceptance letters
  • Have access to our online project management platform, accessible to mentors, students, and parents to manage to-do lists and build a system of accountability
acceptance rate university of pennsylvania

Our Consultation Process

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Finalize Your College List

Choosing which colleges to apply to can be a daunting process. What dream schools do you have a shot at? How high is too high to reach? How many safety schools should you include on your list? IvyZen has over twenty years of experience assessing students and finding the best college matches for the application process.

As part of the CAM, IvyZen mentors will evaluate the student’s academic profile and activities to assemble a comprehensive list of colleges. Mentors will take into account not only the students’ qualifications, but also their preferences—big school or small? Small town or urban? Liberal arts or STEM-centric?

After assembling the list, IvyZen will inform the students and parents of any special application processes for each school. This will lead to a more competitive application, wherein the student can put their best foot forward.

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Craft a Unique and Compelling Theme and Select Related Majors

Contrary to popular belief, a well-rounded application is not necessarily what a college admissions advisor is hoping to see. Any number of college blogs will tell you the value of demonstrated interest and its value on the college application, and you probably know that the best way to show demonstrated interest is through an application theme—but which application theme makes the most sense for you?

After determining the best application theme based on the students’ academic and extracurricular involvement, IvyZen mentors will assess the student’s interests and career goals in order to determine the ideal major for a student’s application. Success with college admissions is heavily informed by the student’s choice of major and commitment to a certain field of study. Narrowing this selection is a fundamental step in the college admissions process.

Learn How to Write
College Admissions Essays

Students will go through the Admissions Essay Organizer to learn how to properly write college essays and learn about the various types of essay prompts that they’ll encounter:

  • The “Why Us” Essay
  • The “Why Major” Essay
  • The Extracurricular Essay
  • The Community Essay
  • And many more, depending on the student’s college list

As part of the CAM, mentors will give pointed advice and tutorials on how the student should tackle each of these prompts, along with a booklet of sample essays from students who successfully gained admission to top ranked schools.

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Personalized Common App
Main Essay Drafting

The Common App allows students to apply to many schools at once, electronically. It requires students to submit one “main essay” according to a list of generalized prompts, which are designed to encourage students to write in a way that reveals their true character and personality. This sounds simple in theory, but if you had only 650 words to show your true character, what would you say about yourself?

The CAM allows mentors and students to:

  • Determine the parameters and scope of the main essay
  • Brainstorm three unique potential essays
  • Develop full outlines for each of the three potential essays
  • Support while the students drafts his or her main essay
  • Advice and editing tips as well as opinions on which draft comprises the strongest main essay

Fill out the Applications

The application process is not limited to the essays. Students must also learn to select their extracurricular activities judiciously, procure recommendations from the correct teachers, and submit supplementary materials like research paper, art portfolios, or maker portfolios. IvyZen mentors will work with students to ensure that each section of the Common App is explained and understood so that the student can represent his or her best self in the eyes of the admissions officer.
For schools that do not accept the Common App, such as the University of California system, MIT, Georgetown, and more, IvyZen mentors will inform students of the unique application procedures for these institutions. While the mentors are not responsible for sending the applications, they will do everything to make sure that you can send yours confidently when the time comes.
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Other Application Services

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