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Harvard is a name that is practically synonymous with “Ivy League”. It seems as though everyone, all around the world, has heard of Harvard, making this school an attractive choice for any student with ambitions to impress. Though most famous for its schools of business, law, and medicine, Harvard offers undergraduates a plethora of majors to choose from.
In order to build an outstanding theme, IvyZen recommends that prospective Harvard students focus their application around their desired Harvard major. However, with such diverse offerings as those listed below, this may be easier said than done.

Environmental Science and Public Policy

This multi-disciplinary approach to solving the world’s environmental problems is founded on the premise that “the ability to form rational judgments concerning many of the complex challenges confronting society today involving the environment requires both an understanding of the underlying scientific and technical issues and an appreciation for the relevant economic, political, legal, historical, and ethical dimensions.” This major equips students with the tools they need to identify problems and tackle them head on.
Students pursuing the major in Environmental Science and Public Policy will take a variety of courses in both disciplines. Course offerings range from Energy: Perspectives, Problems and Prospects to Human Influence on Life in the Sea to The Climate-Energy Challenge toThe Fluid Earth: Oceans, Atmosphere, Climate, and Environment. These courses are each specially designed to teach students to examine the current environmental challenges while giving them the resources to meet these challenges.

Folklore and Mythology

This unique major offers students the ability to combine their loves of language, culture, history, and humanities into an all-encompassing course of study. According to the catalog, “To focus on the folklore and mythology of a society (at regional as well as national levels) is to understand how that society defines itself through epics, music, folktales, legends, dramas, dance, rituals, “beliefs,” proverbs, customs, law codes, festival celebrations, “wisdom literature,” and many other forms of expressive culture. To study the folklore and mythology of any group is to discover how that group identifies itself in relation to other groups.” This major offers students the ability to study a variety of cultures, including African, North and South American, Celtic, Chinese, English, German, Greek, Indian, Japanese, Scandinavian, and Slavic folklores.
Students of Folklore and Mythology will have the opportunity to attend diverse courses such as the newly added Tattoo: History and Practices, which teaches students cultural traditions surrounding the art of body modification. Other unique courses include Hero and Trickster, which explores the role of these mythic creatures in world literary traditions, and History of Witchcraft and Charm Magic, which examines the role of magic as Christian and Pagan traditions melded in the European Middle Ages.

Want to go to Harvard?

If you’ve read about our Hedgehog strategy, then you should know that your college application depends on having a great theme, which you can learn about here.
To develop a convincing and comprehensive theme, a student must have the right extracurricular activities to support it.  Without these activities, a theme will seemed forced or fake.
To gain admission at a top school, also make sure that you’re not under the illusion of any Ivy League Myths.

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