The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the premier science, engineering, and technology institutes in the world. Its long list of alumni boasts notable names such as former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Bose Corporation founder Amar Bose, and president of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Shirley Ann Jackson.
Students seeking admission to MIT will need to have a strong and specific theme in the sciences or engineering. IvyZen recommends building a theme around one of MITs own unique and specific majors, which are regularly updated and fine tuned to reflect changing technology and times.

Computer Science and Molecular Biology

As science becomes smaller and smaller in scale, networks must ever expand to contain this growing information, which calls for scientists specializing in both organic and synthetic bodies—that is, biology and computers. This field of study has several practical applications including pharmaceuticals, bioinformatics, and computational molecular biology, all of which put the student at the forefront of exciting advances in technology.
Students seeking a major in Computer Science and Molecular Biology will take classes such as Computational Biology: Genomes, Networks, Evolution, wherein students learn the “algorithmic and machine learning foundations of computational biology, combining theory with practice.” Additional course offerings include Foundations of Computational & Systems Biology, which is a “research and education program that links biology, engineering, and computer science … [for] the systematic analysis and modeling of complex biological phenomena.”

Management Science

According to the MIT course catalog, “Management Science focuses on the design and administration of complex systems, and it is used to investigate a wide range of strategic and logistical problems. Management science provides a systematic approach to such problems using quantitative tools and qualitative methods that assess the human and social dimensions of these issues. Management science techniques account for real world complications and constraints in an effort to provide sound, viable solutions to managerial problems. The result is often a substantial savings of time, money, and resources.”
Students pursuing a degree in Management Science will take courses such as Game Theory for Strategic Advantage, wherein students will be taught the principles of game theory in order to apply the information to managers’ strategic decisions. Also offered is Design and Analysis of Algorithmsin which students can learn techniques for designing and analyzing efficient and practical algorithms for management purposes.

Art, Culture and Technology (minor)

MIT as an institution is not limited to the hard sciences and in fact requires its students to fulfill the HASS (Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences) requirement in order to graduate. In order to fulfill this requirement, students may choose to participate in the Art, Culture, and Technology program, which also offers a minor for those wishing to complete all the required courses. This program “facilitates artist-thinkers’ exploration of art’s broad, complex, global history and conjunction with culture, science, technology, and design via rigorous critical artistic practice and practice driven theory. ACT emphasizes experimentation and trans-disciplinary approaches to studio production in both traditional and new media. “
Students in this program can enjoy classes such as Intro to Sound Creations, where students investigate “specific compositional developments of post-war modernity and electro-acoustic music” as well as the “psycho-physics of hearing and listening”. 3-D Artworkgives students the opportunity to work in a variety of mediums such as papier-mache, moldmaking, and textiles to build dimensional works of art. And finally, Advanced Projects in Visual Artsallows students to “use design exercises to develop a new design language … the ideological framing will draw from theories and practice in new media, cybernetics, information design, film, art, and fashion.”

Want to go to MIT?

If you’ve read our Hedgehog strategy philosophy, then you should know that your college application depends on having a great theme, which you can learn about here.
To develop a convincing and comprehensive theme, a student must have the right extracurricular activities to support it.  Without these activities, a theme will seemed forced or fake.
To gain admission at a top school, also make sure that you’re not under the illusion of any Ivy League Myths.
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