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Of all the Ivy League schools, Princeton University accepted the fewest applicants in Fall 2015, making this school a top choice for the most elite of students. Known for its vibrant research atmosphere, Princeton attracts students from all walks of life, each seeking a world-class education.
Applicants of Princeton may choose to supplement their extracurricular activities with their own research endeavors, especially if they are planning to pursue one of Princeton’s many research opportunities, which are frequently incorporated into the majors themselves. Here are some of the research-centric majors that Princeton is offering:

Operations Research and Financial Engineering

This department offers a wide range of analytical skills rarely found in a single department. Students seeking this major will become well versed in probability, statistics, optimization, operations research, financial engineering, and machine learning, with opportunity for plenty of hands on research and interdisciplinary training. Engineering and the sciences are two fields that always need problem solvers. This program seeks to build well-rounded problem solvers with a strong background in quantitative reasoning from a state of the art institution.
Students of the Operations Research and Financial Engineering department will take classes such as Introduction to Financial Mathematics, in which they will learn the basics of financial engineering, and Optimization, which teaches students model formulation, analysis, and optimization of deterministic systems as well as quantitative methods. Operations and Information Engineering helps students focus on “developing mathematical models for resource allocation, with an emphasis on capturing the role of information in decisions.”

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

This major takes students beyond the classroom, into the laboratory and the field to explore mysteries of animals, plants, and microbes function and interact. Students of the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major will focus on four core studies: ecology and conservation, evolution and genetics, infectious disease dynamics, and behavior and physiology. Giving students ample opportunity for field visits around the world, this major is ideal for the adventurous researcher.
Students of this major have the opportunity to take classes in a wide variety of disciplines, such as Mathematical Modeling in Biology and Medicine; The Diversity of Brains;Disease Ecology, Economics, and Policy; and Integrative Dynamics of Animal Behavior. Additionally, this major offers field programs in tropical biology in both Panama and Kenya. This major is as adaptable as its students and lends itself to customization and unique research through its sheer variety of offerings.

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