About Us

Asian Students are studying the campus park.Young people are spending time together.

IvyZen’s full management team is made up of 15 with a total combined experience of 85 years. Our management team has been together for over a decade and work hard to ensure that our 40+ mentors from all over the world provide the absolute highest in mentoring services.

IvyZen is guided by our mission to mentor the next generation leaders and our culture and work is informed by our core values of excellence, responsibility, compassion, team work and results-orientation.

At IvyZen we excel at mentoring students to become their very best and make sure these the top US colleges take notice. Our purpose, our goal, our mission is to create next-generation leaders. Leaders are not born, they are made. They are made through hard work, pressure, stress, care and enlightenment. We don’t create happy-go-lucky, carefree kids, we create leaders, geniuses, powerful individuals who will change society for the better and live the most complete, happy, fulfilling lives.

IvyZen is an exclusive community, made up of a small number of the very brightest students and parents that match are philosophy on creating unique, next-generation leaders. To preserve the unique quality of our students and provide the very best in mentoring services, we severely limit the number of students we work with. Taking on too many students and our unique strategies lose their effectiveness. Out of the nearly 3.5 million students who apply to US colleges we only work with roughly 250 students at a time, which is less than 1% of 1% of the applicant pool. We also only accept x students per school, where x is the lesser of 8 or 1% of the high school student body. There are further constraints we place on the availability of our services to ensure IvyZen students are provided the very best in our leading-edge mentoring services.

University students tutoring/studying online with video conference.