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How to Get into Ivy League Schools & Colleges Using Social Entrepreneurship?

You might have realized by now that the admission process for getting into Ivy League Colleges & Schools isn’t as simple as getting a 4.0 GPA and obtaining the best SAT/ACT scores. Among 2022 applicants who aspired for Yale, around 95% of students were ranked in the top 10% of their school and more than 50% of students obtained the best SAT scores. This means that applicants at Yale were qualified yet only 6.3% received the golden ticket. Majority of the applicants seem fit for getting in ivy league schools, but how exactly the admission panel select or reject the students? and what is the probability to get in Ivy League Schools using Social Entrepreneurship.

It’s a misconception among the students that participating in multiple extracurricular activities can increase their chances of getting into Ivy League colleges. Ultimately, they fall into the routine of signing up for all the local volunteer work to essentially fill their stat sheet by means of sheer quantity. But, the reality is colleges DO NOT care about the activities you put on your ivy admission application. Instead, they want students that excel in one specific course, having the extracurricular activities revolving around it.

The saying “Jack Of All Trades, Master of None” applies to the process of getting admissions in ivy league colleges. The top-tier colleges want the best students! In other words, they want a well-rounded class of students with specific talents rather than a well-rounded individual.

How to Prepare for Ivy League Colleges: Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is the business of finding and applying novel solutions and ideas to problems which affect the greater community. Unlike most entrepreneur leaders who are driven by the potential of earning a profit, social entrepreneurship leaders are interested in improving society through their contributions.
By pairing vision with financial knowledge, MIT Social Entrepreneurship can make great strides in any field with no limit to the scope of their impact. It is great because the invitation to be a social entrepreneur is open for students, who are willing to take a charge and showcase their creativity. But how can social entrepreneurship exactly “spike” your college admission application, even if your theme is not mainly in business?
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Five Ways Social Entrepreneurship can get you in Ivy League Schools:

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1. Working on Leadership Role

By productively tackling with problems in your chosen theme, you are effectively highlighting your Social Entrepreneurship leadership capabilities and differentiating yourself from the crowd. As you prepare your ivy league admission application, you can incorporate social entrepreneurship to master your leadership capabilities and the extent to which you are dedicated to your selected field— whether your interest lies in the STEM, humanities or arts fields. Getting into Ivy League Colleges call for leaders in every course and the best way to do so is to be a pioneer in your specialized field.
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2. Dedication towards Your Selected Course

Social entrepreneurship is the greatest platform to prove your dedication towards your course and to go the extra mile. It is the perfect gateway to turn your academic curiosity into tangible, productive achievement. Focus on showing how committed you are towards your theme rather than creating products and services that can actually help the community. If we borrow an old cliché for argument’s sake – actions speak louder than words, IVY College Admission officers are more aware of this than anybody else.
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3. Go for Business Competitions

So, now that you are looking forward to showcasing your social entrepreneurship leadership qualities and dedication to your admission theme, how exactly do you showcase it?
Remember, business competitions are the most competent platforms for high school students to illustrate their creative ideas in their selected specializations. They are designed in a way that students can easily represent their business plans, be judged fairly on the basis of uniqueness and practicality, and rewarded for ideas that may benefit the community.
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4. Building a Unique Product Using Arduino

If you are someone who likes to be hands-on instead of just visualizing your ideas, we suggest you to create unique or creative prototypes. Here, having a tangible product does not mean that you are not only an innovator, but a creator as well. Keeping that in mind, we also recommend you to create a short yet promotional video (1-2 minutes) explaining every aspect of your product and how you will provide a solution to a problem. It is as simple as uploading your video on YouTube and sharing the link URL in your activities section (don’t forget to include some really valuable context).
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5. Creating a Mobile Application

Creating a mobile application to supplement your theme is one of the most preferable things you can do to stand out from the crowd. Having a number of free iOS, Android application development resources available, there should be nothing that is keeping you from doing so. Remember, your mobile application must be relevant to your theme and there should be a meaningful purpose of why you made it.
For example, if you create a business based application on service more than a product, it would make sense having a mobile app which is quick and efficient at providing this service. The application should be listed on either the Android or iOS app store to provide admission officers with an ease to find it there.
ICFL is an excellent resource for you to nurture yourself. They provide you with means to start clubs on cutting-edge subjects such as game theory, computational biology, and even social entrepreneurship lessons & ideas. You can actively find like-minded students to create a group through ICFL and share ideas with various industrial leaders across the globe. You can get a no-cost manual by signing up for the free ICFL Membership here:
Also, if you are interested in business, we have an article that explains everything you need to create a business theme for your college application.

Need guidance on becoming a social entrepreneur? Contact an IvyZen Director for free resources and advice!

Here is our list of the top five business competitions you can refer for your Ivy League College Application Essays:
For instance, you can request your viewers to view your online Maker Portfolio and explain your product in details. Also, in case you choose to create such a Maker Portfolio, try using Arduino. It is an open-source platform that allows you to create electronic projects. The programmable circuit board and the IDE software make it quite convenient to perform your tasks on your desktop.
College admissions love tangible projects and yet only 10% of students are using such maker portfolios as a part of their admissions process. In addition, you will have so much content to include in your Ivy League College Application Essays and related questions that will allow you to showcase your persistence, willpower, and other intangible traits.

IvyZen Success Story

John wanted to use his success to shine on his ivy league college league admission application but something was missing from his Ivy League College Application Essays. In terms of scholarship activities, he didn’t have access to any research or competition papers. John and his IvyZen Mentor brainstormed ideas about what could go well with his Business Theme and how to prepare for Ivy League Colleges. Academic research was not enough for his goal of being a future business leader, so he decided to create a mobile application.
It was clear that John was active for volunteer work and giving back to his community. This was all very good, but somehow it was not enough for the students seeking professional help. It undoubtedly required an extra dimension.
Then the mentor came up with an idea. He and John planned a walkathon with one of John’s after school clubs, and they were trying to raise money for several causes. Together, they realized that they could use this opportunity and create a mobile app. This application involved using the information given by each donor and then calculates their walking distance along with the money they would pledge through GPS. We helped John to learn enough programming knowledge to develop mobile app.
After several months of programming and testing, it was ready for the big event and was a huge success. In the end, John’s group was able to raise $50,000 to donate to the causes and help the local community.
Although John had some academic challenges – his club and app showed that he had the drive to success. Through sheer determination, John was shaping his own future. By the time he graduated, he had a GPA of 3.6 (which is certainly good, but not outstanding compared to students applying to Wharton leadership program). Also, his passion for business and his leadership experience really made him stand out the crowd in the application process.
John got into The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and has shaped a future in the business. His story shows that recognizing a gap and working hard to fill it takes you all the way.
Our team of college consulting experts at IvyZen has helped many students to push their boundaries in order to venture into social entrepreneurship. Likewise, there is no limit for you as an applicant.
Lastly, if you would like to delve further into combining your own theme and social entrepreneurship, you can fill out an inquiry form below, and one of our ivy league college admission consultants can help you during the process of your college application and admission process.

Need guidance on becoming a social entrepreneur? Contact an IvyZen Director for free resources and advice!