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At IvyZen, our greatest joy is helping realize the potential of top students looking for scholarship programs for getting into Ivy League Schools. Our greatest sadness is seeing a talented, hard-working student get rejected from a top college because they didn’t prepare college application essays properly. Often it’s the small, but effective actions that can make a large difference in getting into Ivy League Colleges & Universities.
A brilliant creative writer who spends 4-5 hours every week working on Ivy League Application essay, new micro-fiction, poems and starting a new short story keeps her work to herself because she thinks it’s not good enough. If she had a ivy league consultant mentor to review and comment on the work, sharpening it up and offering positive feedback, the writer might start sending her work out to literary magazines and writing competitions. Later in the college admission applications, her publications and awards are what would make her stand out and it would mean the difference between spending four years at NYU or Yale.
That’s why we always start with consultations to learn about each of these three areas for each student: (1) what is he passionate about, (2) what is he good at and (3) what will help him uniquely to get into the ivy college of his choice. Then we create a plan, which we call the CAP or Customized Application Plan. In the CAP, we highlight what we think the student’s Theme should be; this theme will guide him on what to focus his efforts on as well as unify all the elements of his profile in such a way to best improve his college admissions chances. For more on themes, click here.
IvyZen has helped students craft unique and compelling themes covering a diverse area of interests such as social entrepreneurship, applied math, AI/machine learning, political activism, computer science + art and many more. These themes have helped more than 350 students getting admissions in the top 10 IVY colleges over the span of 20+ years.
Over the years, we’ve come across many students who cannot afford our services. But we’ve taken on many such students in the form of pro bono work. To expand this work and formalize our services to such students, we’ve created the IvyZen Scholarship Program for getting into ivy league schools dedicated towards rising seniors/students with low annual family income to help them with their college applications & essays. Our scholarship program provides the following services and total more than $8,000 worth of our premium mentoring services:
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