E. Lawr (Student) – Yale, Class of 2026

I started high school with a loss of confidence. My twin brother had gotten into a presitigious boarding school and I thought that I would have a harder time getting into a good college. When I met IvyZen mentors, they chuckled and told me that that was nonsense. They explained to me what colleges are looking for and it didn’t matter what school I was going to. After talking generally about the kinds of activities I could do that would help me, I felt a cloud lifting and a warmth inside.


IvyZen made a very detailed, very thorough plan (Customized Application Plan – CAP). It was a lot and I felt a little anxious about all the work that I would have to do, but they assured me that they would help me a lot with it. More importantly, the plan was so comprehensive that I felt a strong sense of hope and confidence; I knew exactly what I needed to do and all the stuff that I didn’t need to do. It answered all my questions and resolved all my doubts.


Meeting with multiple mentors every week, it was very tough at first working on original research, preparing for academic competitions and rushing in an application for a summer creative writing program. After weeks of hard work, I got one of my poetry pieces published in a literary magazine (after 15 rejections!) and I was elated! Then I won the National History Day competition with a website and presentation on the Bill of Rights and its application to institutional racism. IvyZen also helped me make my own literary magazine, one that focused on women’s rights.


Even through the sometimes gruelling work, the IvyZen mentors was offered encouragement and many solutions. They always told me not to worry by myself, that if I ever found myself anxious or stuck to reach out and as I did that, they always had good advice and guidance that got me through it. After three years of hard work, I was accepted early to Yale! I’ll always be grateful for IvyZen’s mentorship!