Set your own trend and create your own club

If you check out the “Clubs and Activities” bulletin board at your standard American high schools, you will likely see the same offerings: math club, science club, newspaper, yearbook… more of the same. While you stand there in front of the bulletin board, bored with your options, admissions officers are doing the same thing with countless applications. When it comes to top colleges, admissions officers¬†are used to seeing student council officers, yearbook editors, and presidents of math clubs. As a student, you may expend massive amounts of energy in an attempt to become an officer in one of these clubs, but for what?

You know what would be really impressive? To found your own club, recruit members, and then become an officer of that club– that will set you apart on your application as not only a leader, but also a go-getter. It may sound like a lot of work, but starting your own club is easy following these steps:

  1. Choose your club Your club should be specific but not too specific. In other words, you want the club to reflect your interests, but you also want other people to join your club. Ideas for clubs include computer programming, creative writing, young doctors, or certain political activism groups.
  2. Get approved by administration Usually, this is the simplest part! Talk to your school secretary and ask for an application form. Ask one of your teachers to sponsor your group so that you have a classroom to meet in, obtain the appropriate signatures, and boom! Now you have your very own club.
  3. Recruit members Tell your friends, put up some posters, get the word out on the morning announcements– whatever it takes!
  4. Run for office Honestly, if you take the initiative to start a club and get members, then your peers will likely be willing to vote you into a leadership position. Do it! Leadership positions are always impressive.
  5. Create a project If possible, turn your club into an opportunity to accomplish an actual project, whether it’s collaborating on a research paper, implementing a community service initiative, or completing a building project. Having an actual product to show for your efforts is critical.

It may sound scary or unconventional, but starting your own club is much more impressive than simply joining one. It shows tremendous initiative, motivation, and most of all, interest in your subject. Starting your own club is a must-do for any serious student applying to a top college.